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3E The Carwash Manufacturer has been formulating and manufacturing carwash solutions over the last ten years. We have consistently offered high-performance and premium quality chemicals with more affordable cost results than any other companies' offers.

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3E Polymer Wax. Highly concentrated Polish Wash and Wax that is deep-rich in color and super foamy. This product has an emulsified carnauba that will provide mild protection and beautiful gloss without sacrificing its cleaning abilities. It is ideal to use on automated tunnel equipment.

3E Deluxe Polish Wax is an economical, highly concentrated, very foamy and ultra-rich in color Polish Wash and Wax. It produces a dense, stable foam that washes and waxes in one easy step. Excellent to maintain waxed vehicles while protecting the paint surfaces. Ideal to use in carwash tunnel.

Take a quick look of our popular waxes below or click the button to shop for the wax perfectly formulated for your car.

3E’s Tunnel Systems

3E's Tunnel Car Wash Systems are durable and reliable. We offer competitive pricing without compromising car wash performance. To help our clients succeed in their car washing business, we have taken specific steps for our Tunnel systems to perform exceptionally well. We have chosen quality components while minimizing utility costs without compromising wash performance.

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  • George D.


    “The pricing for the products and supplies from 3E is reasonable and fair. As a mobile detailer, it’s important for me to find cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality 👍 👏 Super fast shipping, Great communication. Superior products.”

  • Romeo S.


    “I’ve been running my carwash for over 20 years, and I’ve dealt with many companies in the market. But let me tell you, 3E The Carwash Manufacturer, is fantastic! They’re super helpful, offer great prices, and are affordable.

    Their equipment they provide is good quality that won’t break the bank. And if they don’t have a part you need, they’ll make it just for you! Their customer service is good too, always friendly and ready to assist.

    I’m really happy with the chemical supply and car wash parts they provide. Everything works great and is affordable. I highly recommend 3E for all your carwash needs!”

  • Abraham M.


    “I am truly satisfied with the chemical supply and car wash parts from 3E. They have consistently met my needs and have helped me provide excellent service to my customers.“

We Are Proud

3E The Carwash Manufacturer is proud to present the line of Stainless Steel Arches and Carwash Equipments. Whether you’re expecting to add arches to your existing wash package, replacing your system with a new brush, or need to build a complete tunnel system: HANDWASH or EXPRESS TUNNEL SYSTEM, for that 3E The Carwash Manufacturer HAS THE ANSWER!

Our Commitment

To satisfy the needs of your carwash to its best convenience and competitive market prices. And we can guarantee you that we will do everything in our power to ensure your satisfaction when using our products, supplies, and equipment.

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